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U.S. Army CID warns citizens to be vigilant against Internet, digital scammers army.mil Today in an age when most individuals communicate through their social media profiles, they should also be aware that online predators and scammers are lurking and actively stalking their next unsuspecting victim.

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Website vs Social Sites …

Website vs Social Sites

Relying on social networking sites for your business might work for a while but eventually the models change and you have to adapt your business to meet the changes of the social networking sites and social media marketing requirements.

Having a business website of your own you can adapt the site to meet the needs of your business. You have full control over how the content is displayed and how your customers view your business. Websites are not template advertisement ventures which many social media sites could be considered. These sites dictate how you can display your content and in some cases how advertise your content even with paid advertising. There are only a few minor changes between each business but otherwise each social page is essentially the same.

One major difference with websites is the ability to integrate other services directly into your page and direct your audience to one source for all information related to your business opposed to having a completely separate page for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. While these sites may still be important aspects to getting your name out, your ultimate goal is to control the content and how each viewer sees your business. Using your website you can post once to the website and have the information linked from you social media sites. When viewers click on your links in the social sites, they can be redirected to your website. This automatically increases your Search engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website by having all of your articles in one place, search engines will scan your site and make the appropriate changes which usually results in a higher ranking.

Not to mention, if a social media site were to close (example MySpace) or users just stop using it for whatever reason, all of that information stored there is essentially lost in time.

What is the game plan for your website in 2017? Get a free review of your current situation by calling us today, 540-905-8111.

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Very interesting to say the least. Why does …

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Very interesting to say the least. Why does everything have to get down to politics and possibly just greed? The Internet is a simple need that every American should have without the cost of losing a open market which is already monopolized in my opinion. We should have competitive pricing and a list of providers to choose from with comparable services and speeds.

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