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Verizon Messages Upgrade …

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Verizon+ Messages Upgrade

If you don’t get text messages to your computer you are missing out on some extra freedom from your phone. They just did an update that supports group messaging, the complete list of features is on the getclient link below.

If you already have Message+: Upgrade all your devices for a seamless experience and to keep your messages synced. Download to all your devices.

Download for PC or Andorid with the link directly below:

Download for Apple iOS devices: (click the photo)

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Check out the BBB ScamTracker …

Check out the BBB ScamTracker

We have posted on this before however it is good to be reminded these tools exist and places you can report. We are always interested in these scams so feel free to call us if you have any questions on something you might feel is scammy… trust your gut.

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Strange new twist “Can you hear me?” scam. …

Strange new twist “Can you hear me?” scam.

It is a good read but leaves you wondering how this can truly be used against you for the purchase of large goods etc. Rather than just hanging up like the article suggests, you may consider answering with, “I can hear you”. Just another strange one to put into your toolbox to combat the bad guys.

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