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Cancer Ransomware forgets how to Ransomware …

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Cancer Ransomware forgets how to Ransomware

Interesting read about the new ransomware that forgot to ask for a payment to decrypt your data.

We recommend keeping backups of your files/folders, software installs, license keys, and when possible complete images of your computers as backups to external network attached storage devices.

This Trojan acts like a ransomware, but during SonicWall’s investigation it failed to show a warning or instructions on how to regain files and send the payment They said, “It ended up being more of an annoyance than a Trojan trying to defraud its victim.” As with any virus/ransomware/malware it would have the ability to upload additional files if necessary.

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Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plans …

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Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plans

Are the cell phone battles back? We hope so, this is a game changer for many, allowing others more access to a better network. It also forces other companies to match or provide something else in return. The pricing is also fluctuating a bit, to grab your attention. Competition is healthy for consumers in this market.

From the last paragraph on the link below:
“Each company has a different limit at which they’ll start prioritizing other subscribers over those who chug through an unlimited plan. AT&T matches Verizon at 22GB. For Sprint it’s 23GB. T-Mobile has a slightly higher threshold of 26GB. All carriers insist that speeds are only reduced in rare instances when their wireless networks are heavily congested.”

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