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Business Owners

Business Owners!

Frustrated with your IT?

Do you just want to do what you are great at? So do we.
Does your staff work on IT problems? Our staff does.
Do you spend hours fixing and repairing? Yeah, SAME HERE!
On the phone with providers and vendors? OH yeah!
Late nights doing upgrades/updates? Our favorite time of day!

Looks like we have some things in common… come on, give us a call, let’s evaluate your situation before it is an emergency. Information is free.

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70% of Global Internet Traffic Goes Through NOVA …

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70% of Global Internet Traffic Goes Through NOVA

Why is Fauquier County so far behind when it comes to high speed Internet access? Culpeper has a datacenter right off of RT29 and claims to be ISP Neutral, meaning you can pick from any number of providers for your Internet, as with most large scale datacenters, which happen to be all around us in Prince William, Culpeper, and Loudoun. All of these counties have FiOS available as well, maybe not in all locations but directly competing with Comcast.

We finally have OVH coming to Vint Hill, they might even be up and running or close to it by now. Will this eventually bring more choices and a competitive market to Fauquier? Or at least High Speed Internet to folks that don’t have a solution? The Internet is not considered a luxury anymore, and we should not treat it any different than water and electricity.

#Fauquier #ISPNeutralSolutions #CompetitiveMarkets

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Interested in our Managed IT Services? See how …

Interested in our Managed IT Services? See how easy it is to install our agent on your computer.

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