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Bitcoin mining setup disassembled …

Bitcoin mining setup disassembled

Several years ago we started hosting a bitcoin mining operation with 8 GPUs for one of our customers. The GPUs (on the left) are pretty much obsolete now so the customer has decided to have them removed. Surprisingly.

It was kinda fun and a challenge to keep these guys cool during full operation. The power required to for this entire setup nearly tripled our electric usage unfortunately. It produced so much heat we did not need to run the heaters in the building for at least two winters. In the summer time a hood was installed around the liquid cooling reservoirs and fans which were cooling the GPUs and ventilated to the exterior of the building using large attic fan enclosure.

Want to learn more about bitcoin operations? There are several links but this one seems to describe what mining is all about very well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7opj5-32hw

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Interesting enough, Facebook uses HERE WeGo for …

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Interesting enough, Facebook uses HERE WeGo for mapping locations and it isn’t half bad at all. Houses are numbered, updated aerial photography, offers terrain, satellite, and map views. Also has traffic and transit mapping features to help plan your routes. Sends directions to your mobile Android or iOS devices. Mark places and collections and you can even use the map creator to help edit the map by adding things to it.

I believe Google Maps has a strong contender although, I think they may have won me over on maps. The only con I could find was missing the little man for street view, which is helpful but not if the imagery is 10 years old.

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Proud of our friend Kristen who will be …

Proud of our friend Kristen who will be permanently locating her photograph business in Remington on March 1st. Visit her page below and check out her awesome work. Schedule appointments soon, I’m sure she will soon have a waiting list. Don’t miss out!

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SmartSpot devices for Fauquier Public School …

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SmartSpot devices for Fauquier Public School Students

Three high schools, five middle schools and one alternative school will be issuing SmartSpot devices to students without Internet access at home. The school division aims to eventually provide annual funding for Kajeet Education Broadband.

Program made possible by a Maryland tech company Kajeet. This is a great opportunity for these students especially since many schools require online assignments or access. http://www.kajeet.net/kajeet-smartspot

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