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Google Records your Conversations …

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Google Records your Conversations

Seriously, we just checked and it included conversations we had around our phones. Most of the conversations were not intended to interact with our Google accounts by any means. You can check your transcripts by clicking on this link which should show only your audio transcripts: https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity?product=29

The article includes the general access link to other data that Google has archived: https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity

Once you go to the My Activity link you can filter your search to see other information. Delete it if you wish or leave it, that is a decision for you. We knew a lot about what Google archived from the places we visited physically to any web searches we have done but we had no idea that they recorded soooooo many of our conversations.

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Copyright Infringement and Social Media …

Copyright Infringement and Social Media

WEIRD….Recently we shared a few articles from Wired’s Facebook page. Subsequently our posts are archived/synced on our website by design using a Facebook to Wordpress plugin, but are no different than the Facebook posts themselves. We receive notice from Wired through Getty Images that we violated Copyright laws by linking or sharing this content more specifically the image in the Facebook post which we shared.

So apparently by using a social media page for which sharing and liking of content is highly encouraged, you can put yourself in an awkward position because you are using the technology as it was designed to be used, but then later threatened with fines for using it. They were ‘kind’ enough not to ask us to pay for the image use and we have subsequently removed ALL posts related to Wired and Getty Images.

For this reason and to the best of our technical ability, we will no longer be sharing Wired posts or other related content to include all other posts that may include images from Getty images.

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Companies Dumping Cali for Higher Ground …

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Companies Dumping Cali for Higher Ground

Activists are possibly turning Cali into a corporate desert. All that will be left are data centers and tech giants, likely too costly and problematic to move IMO.

Guess what, Nestle is coming to VA, then again they are getting 12M in tax breaks so in the shor run, how effective or positibe will this be for Virginians?

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