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Google Gnome …

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Google Gnome

To answer to the Amazon Petlexa… Google has produced the Google Gnome, the smart yard is finally here! Click the link and enjoy the video.

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PetLexa …


The Petlexa feature allows dogs, cats, and other animals to communicate with Alexa just like you do. Petlexa gives pets the freedom to ask for food, place orders from Amazon, and activate smart home enabled toys.

😉 You have to watch the video.

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10MB hard disk from the 1960s …

10MB hard disk from the 1960s

Amazing how fast we have built technology. My most recent 2TB SSD drive sporting in my main desktop machine essentially compresses this disk to the size of a credit card and multiplies the capacity by 204,800 times. ;-O

Tell us what you think this disk looks like in the comments below.

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Google goes to War with Symantec …

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Google goes to War with Symantec

Symantec has been improperly issuing security certificates for tens of thousands of websites. If the search engine follows through with its threat, then Chrome will soon no longer place the same level of trust in Symantec’s certificates.

This means if your website uses a Symantec certificate, you should change your certificates now to avoid having issues with visitors using Chrome browsers.

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Recovering Deleted Photos from Phone …

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Recovering Deleted Photos from Phone

Maybe you accidently deleted your photos or some passerby thought it would be funny, were you hacked? There are a number of reasons why your phone will dump your photos. Here is one website that explains how to get them back. Be sure to backup your photos in more than one place, especially if they are important. Use Google Drive to store them and make a local copy of any criticality important ones to your computer.

Sorry, if you dropped it in the drink, you’ll probably have to cover it with rice and the little moisture packs that come inside some products to suck out all the moisture. Then hope it dries out. Good thing most phones are highly water resistant.

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Fauquier County Wins the Internet …

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Fauquier County Wins the Internet

The Internet has become just as important to local families and businesses as phone, electricity, and water. The county has approved a $20.6 million dollar budget for Internet Service in Fauquier County. This is a win folks! Wait, no tax hike?! nice! And for the hat trick middle schools also received $33 million dollars for construction and renovations! Where has this money been the last few years? who knows but much needed for our county.

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Congratulations on opening Howard, Clark & Howard

Congratulations on opening Howard, Clark & Howard! We were happy and honored to provide the technical resources needed to assist you in creating the new firm and we look forward to assisting you throughout the year for your other IT needs.

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As reminded when I walked outside today and …

As reminded when I walked outside today and noticed the grass growing a little taller. If I were you I would contact The Mower Guys in Bealeton and have them check on all your equipment for the spring, or wait!? Spring is here! JEREMY! lol, nah these guys are top notch… visit their new website and schedule your service! Trust me they fill up quick so do it sooner or later, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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Technology/Tourism Grants by Fauquier County …

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Technology/Tourism Grants by Fauquier County

If you have an upcoming IT project, we hope you consider HTDNET for things like website web, web hosting, e-mail, servers, workstations, laptops, managed IT services, and VoIP phone solutions just to name a few. Call for more details 540-905-8111.

The Fauquier County Department of Economic Development is now accepting applications for two matching grant programs administered by the Department; the Tourism Matching Grant and the Technology Matching Grant.

The programs are part of the Department’s initiatives designed to assist the County’s existing business community by encouraging improvements that contribute to growth in business revenues. Both grant programs provide up to $2,000 with a 1:1 match required. The Tourism Grants apply to county tourism businesses, while the Technology Grants apply to any county business making technology improvements such as website development, database development, and other e-commerce innovations.

The deadline for submission of grant applications is by EOD on Friday, May 26th, 2017. Grantees will receive notification in June, and funded projects must be completed, within 12 months from award notification.

These grant programs are funded by the Economic Development Authority and administered by the Fauquier County Department of Economic Development. No taxpayer funds were used to fund these grant programs. To view Grant Guidelines, go to and look under the ‘News’ section.

The grant application and program guidelines can be requested by:
Phone: (540) 422-8270
e-mail: [email protected] (Tourism Grant Administrator)
e-mail: [email protected] (Technology Grant Administrator)

Print/Download Online…
Tourism Grant Guidelines & Application:
Technology Grant Guidelines & Application:

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Amazon Alexa to Go Please …

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Amazon Alexa to Go Please

Now you can take the power of Amazon Alexa on the road with you. Been using this for a few days and found it to be very useful and to stay connected without being distracted on the road. A simple wave in front of your phone (no different than changing stations on the radio) and the device prompts you for a voice command. Send e-mail, messages, get directions, flip your lights off if you forgot, and more. No monthly fees just buy either the dashmount or the vent mount.

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