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Better CC Processing or You Get $200 …

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Better CC Processing or You Get $200

Tired of paypal? Interested in changing CC processing companies? We partnered with EVO Payments, if you can’t get a better price from them, they give you $200. So it’s a win there. Check them out here: https://www.evopayments.us/htdnet/

When you sign up or switch to an EVO Merchant Account, HTDNET customers also receive monthly gateway service for a full year at no charge and EVO waives setup and deployment fees. You’ll be accepting payments quickly with no down time for your business with EVO’s streamlined approval process.

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Paypal Got a New Pal? …

Paypal Got a New Pal?

We elected to move away from Paypal some time ago since their statements never made any common sense. However, it appears their new payment pal here is the first of its kind for mobile payment apps. Oh and bravo for the 2.7% Soft clap for Paypal. Key that card in manually and they will pull at 3.5% + 0.15 …. WOWZERS

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