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10MB hard disk from the 1960s …

10MB hard disk from the 1960s

Amazing how fast we have built technology. My most recent 2TB SSD drive sporting in my main desktop machine essentially compresses this disk to the size of a credit card and multiplies the capacity by 204,800 times. ;-O

Tell us what you think this disk looks like in the comments below.

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Google goes to War with Symantec …

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Google goes to War with Symantec

Symantec has been improperly issuing security certificates for tens of thousands of websites. If the search engine follows through with its threat, then Chrome will soon no longer place the same level of trust in Symantec’s certificates.

This means if your website uses a Symantec certificate, you should change your certificates now to avoid having issues with visitors using Chrome browsers.

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Recovering Deleted Photos from Phone …

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Recovering Deleted Photos from Phone

Maybe you accidently deleted your photos or some passerby thought it would be funny, were you hacked? There are a number of reasons why your phone will dump your photos. Here is one website that explains how to get them back. Be sure to backup your photos in more than one place, especially if they are important. Use Google Drive to store them and make a local copy of any criticality important ones to your computer.

Sorry, if you dropped it in the drink, you’ll probably have to cover it with rice and the little moisture packs that come inside some products to suck out all the moisture. Then hope it dries out. Good thing most phones are highly water resistant.

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