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Now Patrons of The CyberWire …

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Now Patrons of The CyberWire

If you are interested or want to know more about the cyber security world. This is a great site/podcast to visit every day. They are loaded with tons of information from politics to hacking and how it all relates to cyber security. We recommend subscribing to their daily briefing so you can stay current and well informed. Want to check out the latest briefing, click the following link: https://thecyberwire.com/current.html

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Amazon Alexia Finally Implements Calling/Messaging …

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Amazon Alexia Finally Implements Calling/Messaging

Simply the best thing Amazon has done with their Alexia line of products yet. You finally have your house intercom, hands free calling, and messaging feature! It is loaded with neat stuff and even notifies your phone which caught me by surprise. The key to all of this is actually the Alexa App on your phone, you don’t even need to have an Echo or a Dot! Although they do make the whole experience just that much better.

Try calling yourself to ring all of your Alexia enabled devices. For me I just said call Matt or call home and they all lit up like magic announcing the call waiting for the magic words, “Alexia Answer”

Thanks Amazon!

Pro tip: If you see a green light ring pulsing around your device it indicates you have a message, simply ask Alexa to play your messages. =)

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