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Is Public WiFi Secure? …

Is Public WiFi Secure?

Essentially, no they are NOT! Below is quick video about public WiFi security…this is more important when you are visiting local businesses that offer or in some cases do not offer free WiFi connections. Often these connections are not created by the business but a malicious user within range, anyone can create a WiFi signal and call it Starbucks….think about that for a moment, then watch the video link below from Unilad Tech.

The best and most secure way to connect outside your home is to bring your own connection such as a hotspot or tethering your phone. If you must use public Wifi ensure you use a company VPN or private VPN client to protect your data.

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16 Hospitals in UK held hostage w/ Ransomeware …

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16 Hospitals in UK held hostage w/ Ransomeware

WanaCrypt0r 2.0 ransomware, also called the WannaCry ransomware, the ransomware attack has hit 16 NHS hospitals in the UK and nearly 100,000 devices across 74 countries using a leaked exploit first discovered by the NSA.

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