250 current customers in Loudoun… To our estimated 10,000 homes/businesses?….I’m not sure I could back spending money on the existing phone lines which is what both the article says and their company website states (http://www.waterfordtelephonecompany.com/company.html) essentially they will just be reselling Verizon DSL service phone lines, the same lines that are already in place today, just as a different company?

Having had worked on Plain Old Telephone (POTS) lines myself, most of the infrastructure was in horrible shape, requires constant maintenance, and when it rains it shorts out the connections. The ants make homes in the lines removing the protective gel allowing swatter to settle in the middle of the lines hanging between polls. Not just from the main center or a point of presence, but even from the house to the poll or poll to a junction box, it’s all bad.

We should be bringing cable or fiber to these folks not a technology that is already dead, especially for the businesses that desperately need wired connections for speed, reliability, and cost savings. Spending money on the existing telephone phone line infrastructure is a huge waste of money