ATTN: Casanova - High Speed Internet SOON!

Just had a great conversation with the COO of Omnipoint, they will be providing a reliable wireless Internet connection from the new tower that was erected in Casanova the other day. They are on par with service start dates as early as the end of February or early March. The connection speeds and information provided below might be subject to change however, as far as we know they will be offering 50-mbps speeds at around $99/month and you will also be able to bundle in an IPTV service plan at an additional cost if you wish.

This is great news for everyone currently using DSL/Satallite or have absolutely no connection in central Fauquier. It is also great to see some more competition within the county when it comes to Internet Service Providers and so far I have been highly impressed with Omnipoint’s communication and objectives. If you want to learn more, feel free to message us or call us 540-905-8111.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting to connect many of you with the high speed internet you have been waiting so long for.