Everything USB-C …

Everything USB-C

This is a great video by Circuit Breaker, too good that we had to share with you. Too well done, that we couldn’t have done it better.

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all solar glasses they handed out are not safe to use.

With all the buzz about regarding the solar eclipse on Monday there were many places to get solar viewing glasses. Some of which are now being recalled due to safety concerns that they do not actually protect your eyes like they should.

Highly recommend this Solar Viewing Projector you can make out of household material and share the view with several people all at once:…/index.html

How do you know your glasses are safe? THE ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for filters for direct viewing of the Sun. THE MARKETPLACE WAS FILLED WITH COUNTERFEIT GLASSES that are labeled as if they’re ISO-compliant when in fact they are NOT! Make sure you received eclipse viewers from one of the suppliers listed on the page below.

Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers page:

Some vendors are offering refunds for your purchase such as Amazon

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Yellow App “Tinder” for Teens …

Yellow App “Tinder” for Teens

Parents beware, the Yellow App is essentially turning Snapchat into a tinder app for Teens. With that comes all the obvious warnings to keep your family safe online. Always review the cell phones of your kids and check apps, ask questions, encourage dialog, and educate them about online safety.

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Microchips to Heal Skin and Organs in Seconds

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Microchips to Heal Skin and Organs in Seconds!?

Well, not sure if this is the chip-o-youth but wow this sounds amazing!

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Holy Cloaking Car Posts Batman

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Holy Cloaking Car Posts Batman!

Well, well, well… isn’t that a piece of technology that we need. Never stop dreaming maybe you can invent something incredibly useful to change the world. Good work #Toyota, now let’s bring it to life!

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Providing Great Customer Service Since 1994

Providing Great Customer Service Since 1994!

We hope you think of us when it comes to web design, web hosting, hardware, software, print marketing, and VoIP phone solutions. Help is just a phone call away.


Focus on your business, we have your technology.

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Live Call of Duty 2017 Gaming Championship …

Live Call of Duty 2017 Gaming Championship

We have come a long way with the internet and online gaming. The winners take home the title and over $600,000.

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Technology, work, life…etc

Technology, work, life…etc

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250 current customers in Loudoun… To our …

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250 current customers in Loudoun… To our estimated 10,000 homes/businesses?….I’m not sure I could back spending money on the existing phone lines which is what both the article says and their company website states ( essentially they will just be reselling Verizon DSL service phone lines, the same lines that are already in place today, just as a different company?

Having had worked on Plain Old Telephone (POTS) lines myself, most of the infrastructure was in horrible shape, requires constant maintenance, and when it rains it shorts out the connections. The ants make homes in the lines removing the protective gel allowing swatter to settle in the middle of the lines hanging between polls. Not just from the main center or a point of presence, but even from the house to the poll or poll to a junction box, it’s all bad.

We should be bringing cable or fiber to these folks not a technology that is already dead, especially for the businesses that desperately need wired connections for speed, reliability, and cost savings. Spending money on the existing telephone phone line infrastructure is a huge waste of money

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First, we want to thank Vint Hill Coffee for hosting our group!

Want FREE help with your technology or want to share something great you are doing?

Let’s meet up and open dialog on technology and community happenings! If you RSVP in the affirmative please do your best to attend, looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces! Questions and technology solutions welcome. Please invite a guest, all are welcome!

We decided to stretch our wings a bit and see if we can increase availability by trying new local business locations to host our monthly event.

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