Cloudflare Memory Leak Exposes Private Data

Cloudflare Memory Leak Exposes Private Data


Many sites on the Internet use a service called Cloudflare, including some domains hosted here at HTDNET. Cloudflare works by caching content physically closer to visitors with their CDN to improve performance of your website and reduce load on web servers. They also provide many other security features and block malicious visits to your sites/services.

A security team from Google’s Project Zero, found a memory leak in the programming that exposes private data of some sites, they made the exploit known to Cloudflare along with several search engine providers like Yahoo and of course Google, who began scrubbing cached content of pages which was reportedly resolved in hours.  A list of all sites utilizing Cloudflare can be found here. but more important it also affected Mobile iOS applicaitons.

It is recommended you enable two-factor on all of your sites and services. Due to this exploit discovered, you guessed it, change all of your passwords. If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out and we can provide you with more information.

The original article from wptavern can be found here:

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