Combat Vets Motorcycle Association. Their focus is helping out fellow vets overcome serious issues they face which include homelessness, suicide, and drug dependency and other readjustment issues brought on from PTSD and TBI.

They even helped escort a friend of mine to his final resting place in Arlington earlier this year. The attending members of the group took time off from their full-time jobs to accomplish this mission for someone they never met. The military is one big family of brothers and sisters that will always come together in times of need. It is a common bond that cannot be explained, it just is.

A fellow firefighter friend of mine will participating in an upcoming ride on Sep 29-30. His Chapter 27-2 is doing a One Cent Challenge an annual motorcycle ride of over 1,000 miles that must be completed in less than 24-hours regardless of conditions. They will need your help to raise awareness to the problems facing our veterans.

Learn about the one-cent challenge:

Please check the web site

Any contribution you can make to the site will be greatly appreciated. Also if you can share this so others are aware and can donate as well.