Deep Thinking about Theaters

There is a question that needs to be answered when talking about the death of movie theaters. Why? what about the BIG screen? Amazon has Samsung Smart TVs for $652 (

The rest seems pretty simple, Netflix allows you to watch all the movies and shows you want for under $10/month. You watch on your time, with your snacks, and you are in control. What is not to like? Plus Netflix is starting to turn out their own original movies all the time!

So I got to thinking, is there any Netflix movie theaters out there? mmmm not really, but I did find one of the co-founders of Netflix, Mitch Lowe, pitching a new concept which is due to upset the theater scene a bit. His concept offers all the BIG SCREEN movies you can watch for a low monthly subscription of $9.99/month (ref: So wait, I can watch ALL the movies I want, in a theater, with a big screen and sweet sound systems for less than the current cost of tickets…. $9.99/month… YES PLEASE! Keep an eye on MoviePass.

Hey, why not subscribe? All the local theaters are doing it!