Detect Phishing Attempts

Don’t be this sad fish that falls for the worm every time. This article helps open the bigger picture up and explains the evolution of e-mail phishing attempts.

Phishing is just a way people try to gather information about you to use it against you or for other probably less than legitimate reasons. There are many forms of phishing but It is not limited to just e-mail. An attach could happen to your business with a simple phone call, a website, text messaging, social media posts, someone visiting your place of business, or a combination of techniques to gain even more information. Each attempt might only put one small piece of the puzzle together until the complete picture has been obtained or can be easily guessed or researched.

Sadly key figures in your organization are likely to be the target but also keep in mind that “Susie” from the mail-room might have a lot of information that can be obtained such as who the IT Manager is, who report to him/her, and private contact information. All of this can be used against your organization so be \careful what you give out.