I am not saying you were hacked, I am telling you.

“In one of the largest single data sets of e-mails yet discovered” end quote. Over 711 MILLION email addresses were found on a spam list. There were actually two lists found but one just had e-mail addresses in a list format and the other contained some personal information and possibly passwords. <– YES PASSWORDS

So while you are working on changing your passwords on your e-mail accounts and websites, I pressed one button on my computer and changed most of my passwords (none of which I remember or need to remember) in a few minutes automatically, and it is all synced up with my phone . You can too by downloading a 6-month free trial of Dash Lane:

After your passwords are changed, you will want to enable 2-factor or 2-step verification on any an all accounts you can. This essentially will keep the hackers out of your account for good more or less. Once an account is 2-factored, when you login, it will send you a text code to your cell phone for verification, you type that text code in after your password in the prompt provided. Success, you verified you are you!

Don’t worry there is only ~5.5 billion e-mail accounts in the world they only got 711 million, but I’m pretty sure at least one of your accounts as per the average two accounts per person is concerned.