Internet Options in Fauquier County 2017

We see a lot of new startups in Fauquier but, the single most constricting factor for all of these businesses is their Internet connectivity. Without Internet, it makes extremely difficult to compete with the larger brands or even other local competitors. Conducting general business transactions is challenging and very time consuming. Startups typically do not have the funding to get a store front where better connectivity is available, some choose to run out of their home or remote locations where their business is actually needed.

The County is also working towards a plan to help get Internet to more than 7,000 homes and approved $20M to do it, does that mean Comcast? Verizon Fios? or something else? Get involved and let’s ensure it is done correctly. Let’s ensure money is spent that adds value to our countryside.

When we say broadband these days, we really mean the high-speed Internet. The speed should be at least 15Mbps down and 5Mbps upload to be defined as “High-speed Internet”. (Check your speed here Satellite does offer some plans that come VERY close, however you cannot take advantage of other technologies such as VoIP or even online gaming without having a complex walkie talkie type effects or slowness/lag plaguing your overall experience.

Below are some other great solutions that you may or may not know about. These are in no particular order but offer alternatives to DSL or other satellite companies such as HughesNet for places that cannot get the higher speed cable (Comcast/Xfinity) connection. Fauquier is mostly served by Verizon DSL service and Comcast Cable Internet aka Xfinity.

✔ Exede Internet, If Satellite Internet is the ONLY option. We recommend checking with Exede Internet, they generally have the best packages and speeds available. Please work with Radio Shack in Warrenton and they can get you all setup. Be sure to let them know we sent you.

✔ Verizon Home Services (4G LTE Cellular Network) rather than using your phone or hotspot you can have a small antenna installed on your home or business. It will generally get better reception on the roof than in your home/office. Check it out here: (Did you know there is a new cell tower going up in Casanova right now? :-O)

✔ Blaze Broadband – We have seen a few people down the 211 area that have this and it is very reliable from what we heard and fairly fast with 12Mbps downloads. This is much faster than your typical DSL connection in the county.
Furthermore, you can check out this great article by Paul, also resident of Fauquier, President/Owner of Blaze:

✔Comcast/Xfinity, is reliable and has vastly improved their customer service which has continued to impress me since I noticed remarkable improvement in late 2016. I would personally like to see some more growth by them in our problem areas. If you are not currently in a Comcast service area and have four or more other Businesses in the area that want to get in on the connection, we might be able to work with Comcast on your behalf and remove the costly deployment fees, so let us know if we can try and help.

(Not Recommended)
✘ Hughesnet – It is ok if grams needs Internet and this is what is available.. Customer service seems to lack a bit as we pickup the pieces behind them sometimes. Plus Exede is far better offering higher speeds, maybe Grams wants to video chat with the kids?

(Not Recommended)
⌛ Verizon DSL is slowing falling off our radar as an Internet service, it requires too much upkeep to keep it going. Many customers with DSL often have issues when it rains and the speed just isn’t as fast as many of the other solutions, it is in my opinion a last resort. DSL is slowly perishing, and we hope that Fauquier and businesses don’t go down with that ship.