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IRS Phone Scam

It is time to give back to these scam artists… Once you identify a phone scam the best thing to do is just keep them on the phone and waste as much of their time as you can. This prevents them from committing fraud on some other person, that might not be as knowledgeable about these types of calls. It also makes it not as profitable for them if they waste too much time on each call.

Have fun with it, be polite, and have a great laugh at the end. Take pride in knowing that you did your part to prevent them from calling 5-10 other people in 5-10 minutes you kept them on the phone. Maybe you can make a video with 1.2Million views? Can you top this guy and Geno? What is your record for keeping a scam artist on the phone? HAHA

According to MarketWatch, April 2017 – “An estimated one in every 10 American adults lost money in a phone scam in the past 12 months, according to a report released Wednesday. On average, each scam victim lost $430, totaling about $9.5 billion overall.”

Put a stop to this madness. You can also report Internet and phone scams to the following web site: https://www.ic3.gov