Let’s Talk about Safe Web Browsing

First off, please ensure you have a true safe browsing experience by having an Anti-Virus and Content Filtering system such as our favorite, Trend Micro Worry Free Services. Whatever system you use, be sure to install the browser add-on that gives you one last safety check in the browser before it lets you go to some of these dangerous websites.

Any website could be potentially dangerous, maybe it is an advertisement that has gone unchecked, the point of this is not to identify all the ways you can be infected or get your browser hijacked it is about responsible web browsing. What gets most people in trouble are what we call “Click Bait Advertisements”. You will find these ads all over the place, even your popular and relatively safe news networks web pages. They appear on the bottom or maybe on the sides of an article, you are viewing. Because people click on these and it generates some revenue for the website owners.

The thing is, most of these ads are designed to trick you into browsing to an unsafe site. Don’t fall for it. Most of them are designed to step you along a website by telling a not so convincing story but also providing you advertisements for each step of the way, each step you take is a potential reward for the owner of the site either more ad views or possibly hacking your browser, each step is like playing russian roulette with your browser. If you find yourself stepping through say 20 or 30 pages of the same article, story, or interesting photos of paradise islands and getaways… GET OUT! IT IS A TRAP!

Also be careful using the share buttons on a website, if you really want to share a web page and be very safe about it. Grab the actual URL (the web address) from the address bar at the top of your browser window like “https://www.htd.net/N3WS1TE/N3WS1TE/“, right-click and copy it, then open your social media site and paste the link in your post it does the same thing and is loads safer this way. This protects your social media page as well as your browser, just in case someone is up to no good.

Stay safe, if your gut says this website probably isn’t good, just close the browser window and start over.