Net Neutrality vs Verizon Wireless “Unlimited” Data

“Unlimited” isn’t really “Unlimited”, sounds like Internet throttling to me. How can you have “BEYOND UNLIMITED”? Webster dictionary is confused at this paradox.

This is exactly what we tech geeks scream about when it comes to an open internet or aka Net Neutrality… explainer link..ahh, yes, this one has a great visual –

Read the article below and see what unlimited really means. TheVerge also said, [A Verizon spokesperson told me that the old price was an “introductory” price that was inevitably going to change.]

I’ll have to read that fine print but you can’t just change a plan to put new limitations on it. You have the best network in the world, don’t waste it on poor business practices and sketchy contracts you just change when you want. #Verizon