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Phone Scam Example

Here is one of the robocall phone scams. A customer kindly set us the file so we could share it it with you. We have bleeped out sensitive information to prevent further abuse of this scam. It is our official advice to hang up on these people and if you do not know who the call is from, that you do not answer the call.

However, after we got a hold of this we called the number to see how far these fraudsters would take the call. We called it twice. Once to try and order a pizza. The second time to report our license was expiring and inquired what they wanted to do. Of course the second call ended after they requested remote access to our computer. We laughed in their face that we wasted their time. No folks, these are not telemarketers trying to earn a degree in college. These are criminals trying to take advantage of you and your family to get your money.

When in doubt, hang up and call your trusted IT folks, which hopefully that means us 🙂

Next time we will record the calls but the first call went something like this: These were live individuals that we were talking to:

Us: Uh Yes we would like to order a Pizza.
Them: I think you have the wrong number.
Us: No, it is a huge billboard in Las Vegas stating for free pizza call this number.
Them: Ok what do you want? Do you need a new microsoft license?
Us: We would like pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, two large with that and a coke please.
Them: You have the wrong number sir. Do you have a technical question?
Us: No I’m telling you this is the number on the billboard. Free Pizza.. it’s huge down here in Las Vegas. Well can you deliver it?
Them: You have the wrong number.

We called again and verified they would just take your money.
Us: Yes, our license is going to expire?
Them: Let me remote into your computer to help you.
(wow that was quick I thought)
Us: I just need to renew my license.
Them: Which license do you have?
Us: Windows 95, but I don’t see any expiration on my screen.
Them: That is ok let me access your computer and I will help you renew. How do you want to pay for your service today?
Us: Tha’s ok we are actually technology company verifying that you are a fraud.
Them: How would you like to pay?
Us: We are not paying, we are a technology company that caught you red handed.
Them: Do you have problem with your microsoft license?
Us: Really guy?
Them: Really!
(a bunch of back and forth then we were cursed at and something about my dogs mother, Idk)