Recent E-mail Hack Example

We recently had a couple of new customers call in reporting their e-mail account was hacked. Upon review of their accounts, the hacker somehow obtained their credentials and sent out spam messages to all their contacts with a suspected malware infection link/attachment. The hackers then took it upon themselves to set an e-mail filter to delete any and all incoming mail which is designed to keep the user from knowing their account was hacked through friends/family/notifications/replies (see the image), they even changed the phone number in their signature so you called the wrong person.

Both parties were from two separate companies but fell victim to the same hack one received the malware from the other user. At least one of them reported their Paypal account was subsequently hacked after that. Keep in mind your e-mail is a very powerful tool. It usually holds all the reset abilities for many of your other accounts. You should protect your e-mail like it was your home with security measures such as 2-factor authentication and a strong password.

We are able to assist with recovering your hacked accounts, password resets, 2-factor authentication, lots of advice, some additional training, and even password management or other tools so you can easily secure your accounts and have peace of mind you are looking for without too much trouble. Don’t wait until you are hacked to take action, take action NOW! Safeguard all of your accounts.