Samsung warns customers that some smart TV sets listen to conversation in the room and transmit it to a third party, Nuance Communications. They suggest not having private or sensitive conversations in front of your TV.

Sort of ironic, we spend so many hours in front of the TV watching Hollywood, now something is watching us. This would be true even for other smart devices that listen or watch your home. Even with wake words, it is possible the system misinterprets a word as a wake word when it is not and can transmit a certain amount of information it captured prior to and after the wake word detection. A small nod to Amazon Alexia and Microsoft Cortana.

Does it stop there? What about your your Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings systems for home automation? They too can transmit information like when your lights are on or off, your schedules, how the lights turned on or off, maybe if you are watching a movie in “movie mode scene”, which room you are located in your home?

Ultimately online privacy is a thing slowly going away as we choose convenience over it. Just be careful what companies you choose to allow in your home as you are giving away pieces of your own puzzle and there is not anything regulating what they can or cannot do except individual user agreements between you and the company. Maybe one day you will have no choice but to greet your guests with legal papers, and signs stating who or what is monitoring your home.