SEO Marketing

Many of you know that we do not believe in SEO marketing, we will never attempt to sell this to you as a service. We will instead make recommendations to improve your website. Often times we see people paying thousands of dollars into SEO firms with very little to show for it. There are many scams out there as well.

Four of our recommendations:
1) Build a great website with relative content.
2) Make it secure – add a security certificate (https vs http) even if you are not selling items on your page. Google for one, will give you higher ratings for sporting some security.
3) Mobile Friendly – Again, Google is starting to give preference to sites that are mobile friendly over other sites that are not.
4) Update your site often – Either manually update pages and content to continue to compliment your business or integrate social media site to post updates on your website for you. Better yet, update your website and have it post to social media for you, linking back to your website.

In the end, you do not “own” your social media sites and have to bend your business around these platforms. You do own and have full control over your website and with that, you can do almost anything. If you did not post updates on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages would that be effective? Your viewership would go down and people will eventually unlike your business or forget it is even there.

Building strong viewership to your website is just as important and will pay off but not over night. Do not expect your “ranking” in Google to go up just because you made a few changes, this takes time, effort, consistency, and patience. Once Google notices that your website is actually alive and not dead, it will visit it more often to grab relative content and index this information along with the rest of your website.

Think of your website as one of your employees. You wouldn’t just sit someone at a desk and come visit them once a year. Websites still need attention, training, reviews, and information. What it does not need is a vacation. If you set it aside and forget about it, the internet will eventually leave it for dead. Websites are the most cost effective marketing tool you have today. The costs of hosting have gone way down so essentially it is close to free advertising to the entire world 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It just needs you to make it work correctly. In turn you will be rewarded with higher rankings and more visitors, thus better exposure and more sales.