So… Microsoft Patched Windows XP for WannaCrypt

Interestingly enough support for Windows XP ended April 8th, 2014. But, if this is your desk, you are in luck!! You can get protected from this nasty WannaCrypt Ransomeware Virus spread over 100+ countries and taking out hospitals in its wake. This patch covers Windows XP, Windows 8, and Server 2003… All of which are pretty much OLD technology at this point.

At this point, we shouldn’t have to remind you not to open documents from your e-mail unless you absolutely 100% trust the source and you trust that they were not hacked, and you have installed Antivirus and kept it up-to-date. However, with 100+ COUNTRIES affected by this latest outbreak, we are forced to remind you. Trust your gut!

We would also like to point out the CRT monitors on the graphic, how appropriate! Well done Mashable!