This game has a lot of potential, bring in some focus groups to really pin point the direction and what is really desired in a game like this. Don’t get me wrong, this is still and excellent game when you first start playing, but it soon became groundhog day there after for me. Personally I am for the PvP models or more interactions with other players it seems like a HUGE map to be wandering around by yourself without seeing other players and other things happening, there is potential here to do a vast number of things to keep interest without just having a firefight every few blocks. That is why I assume the game makers placed the Dark Zone there but anyone that has really played games like GTA online realizes there is a huge problem with the large open play open map, people without rules just run wild and ruin it for everyone.

Sometimes game makers get just the right balance (for example The Elder Scrolls Online) where you don’t have to size up everyone you meet and as you walk away get stabbed in the back (GTA/TCTD-DZ), then again ESO bore me to tears after a while as my first game of that particular type again with a really complex story line with too many open endings at once. But they too are struggling to find their niche and maybe they will convince others to come back with the ability to personalize a virtual home etc. The traditional story line in TCTD exists if you like that kind of complex adventure with a lot of moving parts and no real ‘win wins’ but ultimately I feel it does lose the concept after a while were you tend to run around going after everything with no real direction or purpose.

When I watched the initial previews of the game I pictured a more apocalyptic earthy feel that lead you to believe you would work together as teams ducking, and hiding during sessions to find means for survival. maybe it is just the interaction between players that we really are missing with mute players. Or maybe its partially the graphics that look so much better (as usual) in the trailers. but ultimately this game can grow and change but it needs to do so more frequently. Halo for example at least modifies the maps and weapon placements and even adds the new spin here or there. Assassin’s Creed for example uses social media and websites to put out hits for one time opportunities during the game to take out a target while playing a map that doesn’t have anything to do with them, they just appear sitting at a table or walking about.

My point is, I think we need some more imagination without having to reinvent the well so much just bending the rules or moving things a bit, games today are not like the Zelda or Super Mario of yesterday. These new games must adapt to a wider audience, must keep interest by remaining fun and interesting, not to mention people are not looking for the Halo 1, 2, 3s anymore but the overall game that should be updated much like Windows, Linux, and Mobile Apps. Versioning is yesterday, no versioning is 1980s/1990s, we should buy a game and if you do it right we will keep paying you to play it, as long as you don’t get over eager. Just about everything is moving to subscription and cloud based service from E-mail to what I expect will be Operating Systems soon but games, I think it’s your move now to take up that opportunity and interact with your game like everything else in the world.