To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade Xbox that is

While Microsoft is releasing the latest Xbox One X console in just under two weeks. We thought we would take a moment and say why we are holding on to our Xbox One S for now.

For starters the new system will only provide 4K resolutions on 4K TVs. You may also want to have a 4K HDMI cable as well. While the new Xbox One X will have the fastest processor ever released in a console system, you still need games that will actually utilize this extra performance boost. So far we are un-aware of any.

By purchasing the One X you may help convince game developers to dig down deep to create better more feature rich games in 4K viewing experiences. However, holding off might be the best thing for now. I anticipate some time before the full benefits of the purchase will actually be used. Knowing how Microsoft is releasing consoles lately, there might even be an Xbox One Z due to arrive in the next year.

Instead you might upgrade your current system with some more space by adding an external hard drive. No only has this been said to increase performance, but also allows you to bring your games with you to play on your friend’s console, without having to download the game(s) again on another console.

On a side note, I find it quite sad that most of the games only allow one or two players per console to play at any given time. Actually, I have not seen a game that can play 3 or 4 players from a single Xbox One console yet. Quite sad if you grew up with the original Halo game, This doesn’t make Master Chief happy at all.

Enjoy the article on adding space to your Xbox One