Unconfirmed Kidnapping Scam

What would you do with a text message like the one displayed below?

I personally have not seen or heard of this particular scam but it seems legitimate enough to raise awareness. No one in their right mind is going to text you this from an **800 number**. Especially if they say, “someone you know”…”its a and emergency” and not naming an actual person. Many scams are started by youth or people from foreign countries. Most of these scams also include bad English, or bad Engrish, which is what many of us Internet folks call it these days, for example: “Its a and emergency” both includes punctuation and grammar mistakes. Almost all Scams thrive on urgency, call now, do this now, wire money now, and it is an emergency…. take a step back and think, is this someone real or does it sound scammy? Chances are you will say sounds scammy to me and delete the message or ignore it.

When in doubt ask someone you trust or contact local law enforcement. If you do feel obligated to call a number you do not know/trust, don’t give them any information, if they ask who you are and you answer, that is just another puzzle piece they have figured out along with your phone number.

No one is going to randomly call or text you that you do not know, to wire money this is not how things are done and is not a legitimate request. Don’t fall for this.