Update on the Intel Flaw (Spectre and Meltdown)

It wasn’t just Intel, it also included AMD however, Microsoft does state not all processors are affected but the patches provided from Microsoft are halted for computers sporting AMD processors. This is because they were busting out their blue screen (crashing) which is why we have delayed further communication on this until now. We are confidant that Intel computers and other updates have had enough time to churn these available updates are relatively low risk for install,

All customers are encouraged to run windows update manually (Click Start –> Settings –> Windows Update) also check to ensure the following update (KB4056892) exists on your system after all updates are installed. We are available if you need assistance. To assist with this deployment, managed customers are asked to keep your computers online as much as possible especially in the overnight hours so we can check systems and assist with deploying these patches. Microsoft also stated that they will no longer provide patches to computers if their AV client is not certified for their platform. (For our Trend Micro Worry Free Business Services customers, you are in good hands)

(Please Note: For our managed customers this and other related updates to Office and Flash have been approved and will be slowly rolling out to devices in groups. This is to minimize any ill effects found such as the AMD blue screen issues that Microsoft did not intend. If you experience an issue, please call us ASAP so we can stop further deployments as necessary.)

While this processor flaw is important, it takes a very special set of circumstances for the Spectre and Meltdown exploits to be used on most of your computers especially on private networks. However, we do recommend when possible to uninstall/disable or not use Flash in your browsers for added protection. An old but good article to disable Flash in most of the popular browsers can be found on the following “How To Geek” link, keep in mind some business operations may still require flash, check with your vendors to see if you require it for your software: https://www.howtogeek.com/222275/how-to-uninstall-and-disable-flash-in-every-web-browser/

Other References (good reads):
– Krebs On Security

We hope you find this information useful. Ping us if you have any questions on our main number.