Warning: False Disaster Relief Funds

I think it goes without saying, whenever we have a huge disaster on our hands that the evil greed comes out of some folks who try and turn a profit on misfortune. Please remember before you donate to some random “Go-Fund-Me” site that you check it out and make sure that it is run by a valid organization.

During disasters such as the flooding in Texas right now, we strongly advise NOT using any of the crowd funding donations sites and stick to official disaster relief organizations that are well known and trusted. They can apply the funds where needed or in some cases push the money to other organizations.

Even some of the well known organizations do not apply as much of the donations to their cause. Be sure to fact check their websites and ask around before sending your donations.

[(OFFICIAL) Texas Disaster Relief Office of the Governor:
Please consider contributing to the Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) or Charitable Organization of your choice. The National VOAD can be found at http://www.nvoad.org/ and the Texas VOAD can be found at txvoad.communityos.org/cms/home.]

You may also consider finding a way to host a family that has lost their home. Granted this might not be for everyone but is sure helps them get back on their feet and keeps the kids in school. We hope that Texas recovers soon and everyone continues to help each other during this unfortunate disaster. Stay safe! #Harvey #Texas