WARNING WiFi On Demand Security Concern

Comcast has rolled out WiFi on demand but they could be advertising your personal information such as your name and address. If you check the available WiFi networks in your home/business and see “Xfinitywifi” your name and address is published online, see the link below. Borderline Personally identifiable information (PII) breach since you didn’t have to signup to provide this service.

You can easily opt out of the service which eventually removes your information from the database and disables the access. You can contact Comcast/Xfinity or use the Xfinity website to remove the “Xfinitywifi” broadcasting from their newer cable modems.

Xfinity claims that their service uses a different “frequency” and does not allow access to your home networks or utilize your own bandwidth. We decided to play it safe and disable access to this hotspot service by disabling the option through their website. Most of the dots you see below are businesses but appear to be first and last names of people.

Search your neighborhood on the website below and share this post with your family and friends so they can take action and protect their personal information. Plus, you don’t want some stranger sitting in your driveway just to get on the internet, that is just weird.