What is Managed IT Services?

The simple definition of a Managed Solutions Provider or MSP, is a company that manages technology services and support for other companies via a combination of onsite/offsite tools and solutions. Like having your own helpdesk. Your very own squad of nerds ready to fight for your technology to survive.

Software is installed that looks over your computers and network 24/7/365 and alerts us to issues before they become costly problems. It is always on and constantly doing something such as checking your log files for early alerts and other signs that might lead to a failure. The software ensures your systems are kept up-to-date with the latest operating system updates, software updates, and driver updates. It allows you to focus more on your business, and less on your technology because that is where we come in.

We build custom quotes to meet the needs of your business which includes a wide variety of support options. Hours of on and offsite support built-in so you can better control your IT costs and services. We provide proactive maintenance and work with you on special projects. We even monitor your Antivirus and Backup solutions to ensure they are functioning properly and repair all these things and more behind the scenes including preventive maintenance checks and services.

Ultimately, we are the least costly option for an internal helpdesk for all sizes of business. Thinking about hiring full-time positions to fill these roles instead? or plan on having your current staff take on additional duties that maybe they haven’t the proper skill set to support? If you hire a full-time position you also have to provide their salary, benefits, office space, equipment, licenses, etc. With your current staff taking on these roles it takes the focus away from your main business goals and issues can span for days. If you already have IT staff, our solution can easily augment them so they can do a whole lot more than just break/fix and have that big picture of what is really going on in the network.

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