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Power Your Business with HTDNET …

Power Your Business with HTDNET

Ask us how we can save on your technology costs.

Web Design, Web Hosting, Computer Repair, Hardware/Software, Managed IT Services, Print Marketing, and VoIP Phone Services.

Consolidate and cut costs today! WWW.HTD.NET

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Bluetooth 5 …

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Bluetooth 5

Yep, slipped by our radar but here is a great read about Bluetooth 5 which is already here. 4.2 times faster and 800% increase in Data capacity with each transmission. Great news, the technology has already arrived via Samsung S8 and S8+.

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Workplace by Facebook …

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Workplace by Facebook

Does your office need a platform that is just, different than your normal business communications? Maybe you want to stay in touch with your younger employees in a platform they are more accustom to? Have you looked at Workplace by Facebook? It is almost exactly like Facebook with a few differences and more private to your organization. Post photos, messages, announcements, create groups, chat, and more.

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Microsoft Introduces the Xbox One X …

Microsoft Introduces the Xbox One X

Featuring 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, look for it toward Q4 of this year!

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57 on second attempt, give it a go chap.

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57 on second attempt, give it a go chap.

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MASSIVE Performance Boost on Servers

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MASSIVE Performance Boost on Servers!

You may have noticed a slight delay when visiting your website lately, that issue has now been resolved! We thought you would like to know we are always busy in the background trying to improve security and make your overall experience better each day.

During the WordPress updates to 4.8 yesterday, we ended up temporarily breaking one of our customer sites =( However, in the process of repairing that website we subsequently found ways to increase the overall performance of our webservers =) We are really impressed to see how well the sites are performing now after a few tweaks!

Now your website loads with the speed and agility of a cheetah!!!!

Please remember to check our website for other services which you, or someone you may know, could take advantage of:

VoIP Phone Services – **Introductory Rates Expiring Soon** – Upgrade your phone system today and $AVE! Free Quotes and Demos upon request.

Managed IT Services – We managed your entire IT network (computers/servers/laptops/switches) as if you had a full-time IT person in your midst! Complete with remote support AND on-site support! (ask us for references)

Computer Hardware/Software – All makes and models… a lot of solutions for example managed cloud backups and Trend Micro Worry-Free Services (Antivirus)

Web Design – Have you talked to Jessy recently?
Graphic Design – Graphic art for print material, websites, and signage. We even do promotional videos including flashy intros and outros! Ask for samples 😉

Print Marketing Material – Promote your business in style! Hats, pens, polo shirts, screen prints, signs, magnets, business cards… even custom stickers, floor art, wall art, etc… yeah, we got you covered!

Thank you for being a VALUED hosting customer of HTDNET. Please be sure to share us with your friends and family that may need reliable IT solutions, we are eager to do more.

“Focus More On Your Business, We Have Your Technology!”

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WordPress 4.8 …

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Wordpress 4.8

Congrats to many of our Wordpress web customers. Your site is or will soon be updated to Wordpress 4.8. Here are the changes you get to look forward to. If you are hosted on a different CMS site, consider making the switch to our manged platform to stay up-to-date with security fixes and features!

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Warrenton Regional Chamber TechTeam …

Warrenton Regional Chamber TechTeam

Have you joined the Warrenton Regional Chamber or looking to join? Do you want to stay ahead with technology? All chamber members are invited and welcome to attend, we learn and laugh a lot. We meet Monthly the 2nd Friday @ Noon, depending on future attendance or needs may extend this to twice a month. If you have never been, come check it out tomorrow.

Interested in becoming a chamber member? Still want to attend?
Feel free to come as our guest. Just let us know ahead of time you are coming.

Warrenton Regional Chamber
70 Main St, Ste 23, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

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iOS 11 Coming Soon …

iOS 11 Coming Soon

Here are the new updates coming to iOS.
Video by: Tech Insider

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HTDNET VoIP Services …

HTDNET VoIP Services

There is a new Telco Company in Town and its us!
Do you want to upgrade your phone lines today? Call us for a free no obligation estimate. Your imagination is the limit with Voice Over IP Phone services.

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