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IC3 Reminds Consumers of IoT Exploitation …

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IC3 Reminds Consumers of IoT Exploitation

While I was writing this up someone came up to me and said “That’s great but they never tell you how to protect yourself from these devices” well, one way you can protect yourself is to have two different WiFi channels in your home or business. One private for your computers and possibly cell phones. All of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices door bells, lighting, home automation, TVs etc connect to a separate WiFi channel that does not allow the devices to see your computers etc on the other more secure network. Just a thought.

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If you receive a phone call stating that you have not claimed your Google business listing and your business listing will permanently close. There is about 100 companies out there with the “scary” verbiage. Your business is at no disadvantage or risk, plus you claim your listing directly through Google. Please DO NOT fall into this money trap. Tell them to take you off their list and/or simply hang up.

Companies should not have to threaten you to win your business. Don’t ever support a business that is threatening you to make sales, it is wrong.

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Check out the efforts to expand wireless service …

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Check out the efforts to expand wireless service in Fauquier. Exciting!

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US-CERT Reports WPA2 Vulnerabilities …

US-CERT Reports WPA2 Vulnerabilities

Fairly safe to say most implementations of WPA2 WiFi is affected by this issue. Stay tuned for suggestions on mitigation steps to keep y our WiFI access points safe.

AKA This is NOT good.

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Remington Fall Bash

Remington Fall Bash!

Come find us in the middle of the Remington Volunteer Fire Dept

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G Suite Enterprise Available …

G Suite Enterprise Available

We were just notified by Google that we are now authorized to setup G Suite Enterprise accounts. Designed around strong governance and seamless integrations to specifically meet the needs of enterprise users.

In addition to ordering new G Suite Enterprise seats for new accounts, it is also possible for us to upgrade existing G Suite licenses to G Suite Enterprise.

Which G Suite is right for your organization? Call us today!

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We will be over at Remington Volunteer Fire …

We will be over at Remington Volunteer Fire Department this Saturday, come find us and win some prizes.

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Solar Roof Tiles …

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Solar Roof Tiles

I love technology. Time to find some stock options.

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October 28th 9am-2pm
Waterloo Station Shopping Center
(Parking Lot of Cafe Torino & Carousel Ice Cream)

We will be supporting the SPCA with collection efforts again at the end of the month. Start collecting all of your electronics and bring them down to be recycled. The recycled electronics are valued and the proceeds donated to the Fauquier SPCA. #CleanOutTheGarage #CleanOutTheBasement #FillTheTruck

See the flyer image for what you can and cannot bring. If in doubt, ask and we can help.

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