Our Mission

“Focus more on your business. We have your technology.” – affordable products and solutions carefully selected from years of experience and building trusted business relationships, networking, and support. We cater to individuals, groups, non-profit, and business of all sizes. We specialize in providing all the tools necessary for a business to succeed from servers and workstations to websites, software, phone service, print/online marketing, and more. You get the peace of mind knowing we are professionally handing all the tech stuff you send our way, so you can just do what you do best, run your business.


First Established in 1994 as a web design company, named HyperText Design Network. At the time the owner, Matt Demaree, was just 14-years-old and starting at Liberty High School in Bealeton, VA. Matt always found interest in computers and even in third grade he would stay indoors during recess where he would write program code down in composition books. The code would eventually be transposed to his computer when he arrived home. While he coded mainly text-based adventure games and none of them were really that impressive, but still.

Our first client claimed a 600% profit increase within the first month after publishing their first website. Impressed by the success, Matt started business provided services such as digitizing documents, photo scanning, graphic design, and limited PC support. In 1999-2003, the business was temporarily closed while Matt enlisted and served in the US Army as an Airborne Mortarman. He first served in the 1st Battalion 75th Airborne Ranger Regiment and later 1st Batallion 5th Calvary Regiment (Black Knights Battalion). He was honorably discharged in 2003 and the business was immediately revived offering even more solutions, adding to the portfolio of products and services we have today.

As the business started picking up steam in 2004, including a full range of PC repair and support services, Matt was recalled back to Active duty to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2005-2007. He deployed with the 1st Cavalry 167th Squadron Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) out of Nebraska. Fortunately, there were sporadic Internet connections available throughout his deployment in Iraq, Kuwait, and some other locations along the way. Maintaining web hosting/design clients during his deployment when “downtime” was available, was no easy task.

When Matt was honorably discharged for the second and last time in 2007. The business name was shortened to HTDNET and we became a full service web hosting provider with a eye on your data security. Today we are proud to say we host over 65+ websites including the Warrenton Christmas Parade, Fauquier SPCA, Remington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, New Baltimore Volunteer Fire Department and many more in addition to all the other services and partnerships we have made along the way.

On March 20th of 2014, HTDNET incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation and became, HTDNET, LLC. Our offerings continue to expand as we offer reliable computer consulting, repair, managed IT solutions, web design/hosting, phone services, marketing, and other unique IT solutions. Looking back at all of our successes it seems like just yesterday, but we have been in business for going on 24 years this coming March (2018).

New in 2015, we became a managed service provider (MSP). This allows us to help our clients support all types of devices from workstations, laptops, desktops, servers, switches, mobile devices and just about anything with an IP address. We can manage all aspects of your network or just monitor and report. This service is compared to having your own internal IT help desk for your business, but a fraction of the cost. Time consuming tasks become automated while having our professional eye looking over your infrastructure for any problems. When a computer experiences a problem, we are notified automatically with an alert. Each alert received is resolved according to your service level agreement (SLA). We have been very successful providing this new service, saving many companies hundreds and thousands of dollars per year by identifying issues before they become costly problems. Now you can now focus more on just running your business while we focus on the technology that drives it.

New in 2016, early October we finished trials and added Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services to our product lineup. When you upgrade to the HTDNET VoIP System your business will forever be thankful. Not only do we support all features you current have on other systems, but we also offer hosted fax (receive faxes via e-mail with attached PDF) and even send a fax via e-mail. We include custom music and announcements on hold, find-me-follow-me, voicemail to e-mail, conference calls, call recording, international calls, mobile apps, and many more features such as a complete call center system with agent logins and reporting. We are very excited to continue developing this solution and adding more features as we build and nourish this exciting service.

Our command center provides many resources at your fingertips.

Simply pick-up the phone and give us a call, one of our support representatives will ensure your issues, questions, or concerns are answered and resolved quickly and professionally.