Max Effort Institute Scores A New Website

Help us in congratulating Max Effort Institute in the launch of their website, MaxEffortBall.org

Max Effort is a travel baseball league based in Manassas, Virginia. Coach Demetrius Doss, “Coach Horse,” reached out with a vision for a site to help him and is follow coaches spread the word about their organization vision of “developing elite baseball players by focusing on fundamentals and teamwork, cultivate social awareness through volunteerism, and foster academic excellence through leadership development and emphasizing accountability. ” We were able to build the perfect mobile friendly website he was wanting, which was very important to Mr. Doss. 

While working with Coach Horse you can really tell he is passionate about basketball and helping to develop strong, independent and well rounded young men in women in our community. It was a pleasure getting to work with Max Effort on this project and we look forward to many successful years serving our community’s youth through sports. 

Make sure to stop by Max’s Effort Institute’s website to learn more about the organization, coaches, and teams. 

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