HTDNET Referral Program

Please don’t keep HTDNET a secret. Refer a company to HTDNET and if they become a client, as a way of saying thank you we provide cash awards for successful referrals. Just scroll down and submit your referral to us. Please check with your referral and make sure it is ok for us to contact them first, it avoids a really awkward moment to introduce ourselves.

HTDNET is headquartered in Catlett, Virginia, and our #1 growth source is through referrals. That’s why we have launched the HTDNET Referral Program for clients, partners, and friends.

Here is how the HTDNET Referral Program works:

You simply scroll down this page to submit the contact information for your referral, everyone will receive an e-mail (Them, Yourself, and  HTDNET) we will follow up with your referral. If your referral turns into a sale and fits the criteria below, you will receive the reward stated within 14 business days of your referrals purchase.


  • $100 to you for every new VoIP Phone Customer that signs up.
  • $200 to you for every Managed IT Service Customer that signs up.
  • $100 to you for every Web Design Customer that signs up.
  • $50 to you for every Graphic Design Customer who orders a branding kit or designs $250 or more.
  • $20 to you for every Print Customer that places their first order with us. Plus we will waive their setup fee.
  • $20 for all other referrals as along as they purchase a service of $80 or more.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make or rewards you can earn!
  • Got that giving feeling? You can share all or part of your reward with your referral! In the case of the referral receiving your reward we will give them a store credit instead of a cash payment.
(Fine Print? Yes, just a few, we will need a W9 from you before we can process your reward. You can download it here and either e-mail it to us or fax to 540-272-8589. Also see terms and conditions below. To be eligible for a reward, you must complete the the form below before we make contact with the potential customer. Referrals made through any other medium may not qualify for a referral reward. This is for tracking purposes. If multiple referrals are made to any one potential customer, the first referral shall win any potential rewards unless they are disqualified.) 

Who should you refer?

  • Really, anyone that could make use of our services.
  • Ideally, we aim for companies between 5-100 employees or computers but any referral is a good referral.
  • We can service 1 user just as well as we can service 1000 users.
  • Sometimes people don’t know what they need so we offer a FREE 1-hour site survey to potential customers.  

What services do we provide? (Click on the service to learn more)

  • VoIP Phones
  • Managed IT
  • Web Hosting/Design
  • Print Marketing
  • Computers/Workstations/Laptops/Servers/Switches/Wireless/VoIP Phones/ETC
  • Network Cable Runs (Network Connections/Drops)
  • G Suite (Googles Productivity/Cloud Solution including Google Drive, E-mail, and More!)
  • Trend Micro Worry Free Services (Antivirus/Content Filtering)

Thank you in advance for trusting in us to send a referral our way!