SMS Campaign Registration

Getting Started

Complete the attached form for each campaign you want to register. Hitting “submit” will generate a ticket to our LNP Team who will register the campaign for you. Once the campaign is registered, we will notify you that the action has been completed and provide further instruction on how to use the product.

For help or more information you may contact us at 540-905-8111


  • The carriers and DCA have added additional vetting checks for Brands and Campaigns to aid in the continued efforts against fraudulent/SPAM-related messaging. Due to these additional steps, completion of the full A2P 10DLC registration process may take longer than expected.
  • Before starting, gather the SMS enabled numbers you want assigned to the campaign you are creating.
  • Telephone numbers enabled for SMS will not be able to send or receive messaging until the setup process has completed and a campaign ID is added to CAM.
  • Only one brand ID is authorized per company account. Multiple campaigns can be created. Phone numbers can only be attached to one campaign
  • Currently only one user is able to send and receive on one phone number. In some cases users will opt to create a new user and share this user among employees in the apps, however a user is required to be assigned to phone extension. You can use conference phone extensions for this purpose if needed. (an upgrade is scheduled on or about Q42023 which will greatly increase our capabilities with SMS and support multiple users on single numbers as well as provide more features such as auto-responders etc)
  • You can send and receive messages only through the mobile app, web app, or desktop app.


$25/one-time fee per campaign
$5/month per user enabled for SMS (see restrictions above)

Brand Information & Details

Please enter the 9-digit Employer Identification Number (EIN). No spaces or hyphen.

Campaign Use Case

Declare a single use case for the campaign you’re registering in this form.

Most companies can be served by the ‘Low Volume Mixed’ use case, which includes less than 2,000 messages per day or 75 texts per minute. (This is a Standard Use Case)

  • Standard Use Cases are immediately available for all qualified registered Brands and do not require Vetting or pre/post approval by MNOs.
  • Special Use Cases are sensitive or critical in nature and may require Vetting or pre/post registration approval by MNOs. During the review process you may begin to send messages.

Campaign & Content Attributes

DIRECT LENDING OR LOAN ARRANGEMENT Indicates whether the campaign includes content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements
EMBEDDED LINK Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded link of any kind. Note that public URL shorteners (bitly, tinyurl) are not accepted.
EMBEDDED PHONE NUMBER Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded phone number (except the required HELP information contact phone number)
AGE-GATED CONTENT Indicates whether the campaign includes any age-gated content as defined by Carrier and CTIA guidelines (Content requiring the individual to be of legal age)
Must be able to tell the intended purpose of the overall messages. Your description should answer the questions:
Who you are
Who do you want to reach
Why you are sending out messages to them
**Minium 60 characters
**Minimum 20 characters
**Minimum 20 characters
Ten Digits only with one number per row. No spaces, parenthesis or commas or other formatting.

Call to Action /Message Flow

All campaigns running through HTDNET’s messaging applications automatically get enrolled in our Opt-In/ Opt-Out/ Help feature. This feature is controlled through CAM, on the Resources tab under the menu option “campaign”. We also offer an optional “Invite Message” if you do not have your own message.

This field should describe how a consumer opts-in to the campaign, therefore giving consent to the sender to receive their messages. The call-to-action must be explicitly clear and inform the consumer of the nature of the program. If multiple opt-in methods can be used for the same campaign, you must list them all.
**Minimum 20 characters

Note: If you choose any option above other than the first one (“Sending a message from the Consumer’s mobile device that contains a keyword…”), then once the campaign is approved you’ll need to go into CAM/ Resources/ Camapigns and check the box for “I confirm I have opt in information for recipient’s numbers on file”.

This is the message you use when requesting opt-in from a consumer.
Edit as needed.
**Minimum 40 characters – max 300
When consumers text in a keyword, the response should include the Brand Name, confirmation of Opt-In enrollment to a recurring message campaign, how to get help, and a clear description of how to opt-out.
**Minimum 20 characters – max 300
Message sent to consumer in reply to opt-out request
**Minimum 20 characters – max 300
The response to HELP keyword may include the Brand Name and additional support contact information.
**Minimum 20 characters – max 300


By signing this form you agree that the above statements contained in the form are true to the best of your knowledge. You further agree to any and all one-time or monthly recurring charges as a result of this request. For up-to-date information about fees relating to SMS messaging through our platform please contact us at 540-905-8111.

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