Should You Be Using Landing Pages for Your Business?

First, lets start by defining what the heck a landing page is and how it is different from your website as a whole? Landing pages are used to get a visitor to perform a specific action and they can be useful in tracking your marketing campaigns. White your website gives visitors many directions – They can learn more about company, what services or products you have available, the list can go on and on.

A landing page are simple and limit the visitor’s actions to your call to action. Below is an example of one of our HTDNET landing pages. Notice, how its just includes a quick video about the topic and gives the visitor two options. To learn more or Request a Quote.

Why so simple? Because with landing pages your goal is to promote products and services, collect visitor information, and most important generating leads. Lets face it Leads cost money and we need to know how the marketing dollar is working for us. When you add Google Analytics to your site or page you can see what traffic is coming in from that page. You can also build in special forms specific for the landing page for even better data tracking.  

If you are ready to start collecting leads with landing pages. Contact our Web Development Team here at HTDNET. Our designer is ready the perfect landing page for your campaign.

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