5 Tips for Adding Video to your Marketing Arsenal

They say a picture says a thousand words. So, if a still image can say so much what can a video say?

In today’s instant gratification world, people don’t really want to take the time to read a page full of information. Adding a quick video explainer can give your visitors the information they need right away with very little effort on their part.

Here are a 5 tips to keep in mind when adding video to your web & marketing arsenal.

1. Post Your Video on YouTube

First a foremost, guess who owns YouTube? You guessed it Google, and we all know Google is the big cheese when it comes search engines. Also, when your video is posted to YouTube and not directly hosting on your site it will help the load time of your website – videos can be some pretty heavy files.

2. Keep it simple

You want your video to grab and keep people’s attention. Long videos have their own place in the online world. However, if you are looking to quickly summarize a product or service you provide Keep It Simple with about a 2 to 5 minute video will help keep your viewers attention and get your message across.

3. Direction Counts

You don’t need an expensive camcorder to shoot your videos. With the quality the cameras on today’s smartphones you can easily shoot your own without all the fancy equipment.  If you opt to shoot your own, always make sure to shoot your videos horizontally and stay away from the amateur vertically shot video. Think of video as going on a TV you don’t want all that black space on the sides. So, remember, keep it professional and shoot horizontally.

4. Stay on Brand

Make sure that you keep your branding consistent across all your marketing – inducing your videos. But ‘How’ you ask? Make sure you use the same intro on all your videos that include  your branding, use the same style fonts and colors. Make sure that each of your videos look as if they belong in the same family.

5. Share, Share, Share

Once you have your video uploaded to YouTube and embedded in your website, make sure to share that page of your own website on your social media pages. Drive that traffic back to your website.

You can make your first video with a slideshow of still images you have or shoot an actual video, if you need help putting it together in a nice professional package including a nice intro and background music contact us – we can even do the voice over work for you as well – just give us the script and you focus on your business – we will handle the technology. Contact Us today for a FREE video quote.

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